Psilocybin Mushroom Tea By Tea-Luminary (6x 400 mg)




Relax your mind and body, find your Zen and uplift your spirit with psilocybin mushroom tea by Tea-Luminary!

It is a tasty, mood-enhancing Psilocybin tea made with the highest quality relaxing loose-leaf herbs and smile-inducing Blue Lotus extract powder. This blend supports emotional well-being, helps calm the nerves and gets you to a happy place.

400 mg of Psilocybin in each tea bag guarantees a touch of magic in your daily activities. Get inspired and creative, or go inwards and meditate upon the interconnectedness of all things!

It is a calibrated dose for an elevated state of being, where you can slightly feel the psychedelic realm and be in the flow throughout the day.

Please note: Our tea blends have an herbal, earthy taste, as our goal is to infuse them with the most effective and organic herbs that work synergistically with Psilocybin. Feel free to add honey and/or lemon for taste.

Ingredients: Blue Lotus Extract, Peppermint Leaf, Chamomile flower, Licorice Root, Cinnamon, Psilocybin (400 mg)

Suggested Use: Steep in hot water for 7-10 minutes.