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About Us

About Budder Weed

Budders Weed opened our doors in 2012 and we are proud to be the state’s first licensed medical marijuana dispensary.
Our shop is known for its safe, clean environment supported by an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to tailor every product to your exact needs so you always have a positive experience.
Budders Weed offers a huge selection of medical marijuana products including many different marijuana strains, medical marijuana edibles, CBD and more. When you first set foot inside our store we promise to greet you with confidence and understanding, and really listen to your needs before making a suggestion. Every recommendation from our staff is backed by the combined knowledge and experience that we bring to the table.
Since then, we have managed to earn a place in the spotlight thanks to our incredible customer service and patient-centered approach.
The most important thing we do at Budders Weed is helping people live fuller, more comfortable lives. We take this job very seriously and want you to know that our staff is highly trained to understand the different types of products we have, as well as their uses.
We are also committed to the consistent quality of our products, ensuring that you get the same results every time you use them. You will never be disappointed when you leave Budders Weed knowing that you got the very best Medical Marijuana products available.
The best part of Budders Weed is that we operate 100% non-profit, and we are in compliance with all California state laws. We have worked every single day to prove that we are genuine, customer-centric, and here to serve the greater good. For us, the opportunity to help people like you live better is what makes the whole enterprise worthwhile.
That is why we continue to add one-of-a-kind strains to our menu as we discover more effective treatment options and more advanced strains. You can count on us to stay on top of all the latest medical marijuana news and science, so you can always get the very best products at our dispensary.