Magic Boom Bars – Strawberry Sprinkles



If you are a fan of edibles and want to go on an extraordinary trip, you have to try our Magic Boom Bars.  Strawberry Sprinkles taste just like the name sounds.  Due to their popularity, we are always low on Magic Boom Bars, so get a few bars today!

Psychedelic mushrooms are a great alternative form of medicine that helps improve the mind, body, and soul.  The first use of hallucinogenic mushrooms dates back to 3,000 years in Mexico.  You will feel energetic, content, euphoric, calm, and happy, have a sense of well-being, and will experience mild spaced-out visuals.

If you are new to mushrooms, try a small square and wait 30 minutes to an hour before you have a second piece.  Be moderate.  Once the experience begins, make sure you are in a safe, wonderful setting.