Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar


Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar is an artfully crafted special chocolate bar with powerful synergistic effects from its balanced 4 unique cannabis-cocoa pairings. Each pepper tincture is ready for the cocoa butter infusion, the nug is ready for grinding and pressing, and we have the training, equipment, and recipes ready for the final product. This bar will give you a new perspective on chocolate and cannabis. To eat weed or to smoke it? That isn’t the question anymore.


The Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar is a psilocybin edible made out of chocolate and psilocybin obtained from the popular magic mushroom Golden Teachers.

Here are some key features of the product:

– **Dosage**: The chocolate bar is available in different dosages, such as 1200mg or 3000mg of Golden Teacher per chocolate bar.

– **Ingredients**: The chocolate used in the bar is fine imported Swiss milk chocolate, which provides a smooth velvety texture in every bite. Each piece of chocolate is infused with 0.5 gram of Golden Teacher mushrooms, making it easy to control your dose gradually.

– **Usage**: The Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar is perfect for micro-dosing or sharing a trip with friends. It is recommended to consume the chocolate on an empty stomach, and beginners can start with 1/2 or 1 square and wait.

– **Beginner-friendly**: The Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar is an extremely beginner-friendly and convenient option for those who want to enjoy magic mushrooms.

Overall, the Golden Teacher Chocolate Bar is a tasty and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin in a delicious chocolate form.