Euphoria Psychedelics – Micro Boost Capsules 2000mg


Our Micro Boost Capsules support energy production with a blend of reishi, ashwagandha, B12, caffeine, and psilocybin mushrooms. Seize the day!



Euphoria Psychedelics – Micro Boost Capsules 2000mg

Euphoria Psychedelics is a leading brand in producing a wide array of mood-enhancing supplements, and their latest offering, the Micro Boost Capsules 2000mg, has quickly gained popularity among users. The 2000mg capsules are designed to provide an intense experience by amplifying your senses, elevating your mood, and increasing your creativity.

The Micro Boost capsules contain a blend of natural ingredients known for their potent effects. These ingredients include Siberian Ginseng, L-Theanine, Kava, 5-HTP, and Rhodiola Rosea. These compounds work together to boost energy and focus while promoting feelings of calmness and relaxation.

What sets the Micro Boost Capsules apart from other supplements on the market is their microdosing approach. The capsules are carefully dosed to deliver a sub-perceptual effect, meaning the user can experience the benefits without any hallucinogenic effects. This makes them ideal for those who want to enhance their creativity without getting high.

The Micro Boost Capsules have shown great promise in supporting stress relief and maintaining healthy cognitive function. They can be consumed at home, work, or even during leisure activities to enhance your daily experience. If you’re looking for a dietary supplement that can improve your mood, increase your focus, and boost your creativity, the Micro Boost Capsules from Euphoria Psychedelics are an excellent choice.