Apple Tartz




THC 47.2% TC 48.1% The heaviest hitting joint.

Heavy Hitters Diamond THCA Joints are hand rolled with sticky, premium indoor flower sourced from California’s premier growers. Visibly infused with rough-cut 99%+ pure THCA Diamonds, these heavy hitting joints offer a substantially more potent, incredibly cerebral high.

Crafted for true flower enthusiasts, we seek out rare and hard-to-get strains. From landrace classics to innovative genetics, we rotate our Diamond menu to provide the best available options.

This apple is a return ticket to your personal garden of Eden. Apple Tartz is a tasty hybrid with a complex bouquet – hints of sour apple and sweet cookie, but with a layered flavor profile that smacks of apple, diesel, and even a bit of licorice. The effects are simpler: Relaxation but without sedation, and some happy focus that makes this strain a versatile (and delicious) companion for everyday use.

Strain Type: Hybrid Taste Profile: Apple, Sour, Sweet Effect Profile: Relaxed, Focused, Happy Lineage: Apple Fritter x Runtz