Gold Drop – Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge


We are very excited to bring Gold Drop Extracts to the menu, these products are run on a closed loop system, dewaxed and purged for 72+ hours. These cartridges test at ZERO parts per million, have naturally added terpenes, and test higher than most vape pens on the market. Flavors in Stock Now:
Grapefruit Kush – Strawberry Cough – True OG – Crazy Gorilla Glue – White Widow – Trainwreck – Blueberry – Mango Haze – Girl Scout Cookies – Bubblegum – Super Lemon Haze – Lemon Jack – Godfather OG – Skywalker OG – Watermelon – Strawberry Lemonade – Wild Cherry


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Gold Drop – Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge

With a wide variety of flavors and an unbeatable grade, Gold Drop Co. is making strides in the marijuana industry. They revel in their process which includes cutting-edge indoor gardens to large scale sun-grown gardens.

Gold Drop has won multiple cannabis industry awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup and HempCon. Having won over 28 awards in the last two years, Gold Drop is gaining some well-deserved recognition.

The Process

Gold Drop produces a solvent-free oil that is highly potent in pure cannabinoids. They use a closed-loop system with custom blended hydrocarbon gas and optimally controlled temperatures and pressure. This results in an extract free of residual solvents. Then their extractions are run through an extended de-waxing phase with a unique purging process to ensure all Gold Drop concentrates are held to the highest standard.


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