Alaskan Thunderfuck, also known as ATF, is a robust Sativa-dominant hybrid ideal for soothing anxiety and depression. These beautiful buds have a strong aroma and colorful appearance. Medical patients may utilize Alaskan Thunderfuck to treat depression, stress, pain, headaches, and fatigue. Creative workers, like artists, musicians, and writers, may enjoy the energetic, creative head high to help break through the toughest mental blocks.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Effects and Attributes

Happy. Uplifted. Euphoric. Energetic. Relaxed.
Stress. Pain. Lack of Appetite. Fatigue.
Dry Mouth. Dry Eyes. Paranoid. Dizzy. Anxious.


Potential Positive Effects 

Alaskan Thunderfuck is the perfect strain to enjoy during outdoor activities like hiking and concerts. Users can also become chatty and sociable. The strain commonly fosters a sense of euphoria, creativity, energy, and relaxation.

Potential Benefits 

Medical patients coping with depression, stress, pain, headaches, anxiety, migraines, and fatigue. Alaskan Thunderfuck can also help stimulate appetite and help treat those dealing with anorexia. As some energetic Sativa, many patients may find the effects of this strain appropriate for daytime symptom relief.



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