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What is G13 Strain?

G13 is a magical indica strain that has a pungent smell profile of sweet, earth and skunk. Legend is the strain was stolen from a government research facility in Mississippi. research The smoke is a bit harsh, and tastes just as it smells. G13 gives a warm, relaxed body buzz with heaviness and tingling in the thighs, as well as a calm, clear headed, uplifted mood. This all-star strain relaxes the muscles and mind with a beautiful feeling of euphoria that will melt away pain, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It may also combat loss of appetite.

Origin/ancestry: g13 weed strain is the product of an unknown Afghan strain rumored to have been secretly engineered by the US government in the 1960s at the University of Mississippi.
Aromas, Flavors Fruity, pungent, citrus, earthy, mandarin oranges, sweet
May Relieve Chronic pain, depression, anxiety, nausea, back pain, loss of appetite, stress, pain, muscle spasms
THC Content: 22% to 24%, moderate


Appearance and Smell  of g13 weed strain

G13 is light green with prominent orange pistils throughout.  It is very dense and smells fruity, citrusy, and sweet, like mandarin oranges.  G13 has a pungent, fruity smell which is earthy and sweet.  One puff and you will taste the dank and fruity flavors which are yet clean and go straight to the brain.

g13 weed strain

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