White Walker Kush Strain

White Walker Kush is another fine example of bringing old-school genetics into the modern scene. The Ingemar cut of White Widow, kept alive and well in Holland since 1988, was taken and bred with a cut of Skywalker Kush, all the way from California. This breeding project has created a slightly Sativa-dominant strain that is well-balanced.

White Walker Kush Cannabis Strain is rather speedy in terms of growth during the vegetative phase and gains some real size during the flowering stage. Both of the parent strains are known for their large yields when harvest time comes around, so growers will not be disappointed with the bounty they receive from this strain.

Where to buy White Walker Kush 

Where to Buy White Walker Kush Seeds
If you are interested in growing this strain here is a list of the reputable online seed shops that I recommend.

Medical Uses


The White Walker Kush strain is used for dealing with:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite

Effects / Experience

The effect of consuming White Walker Kush are relaxed, happy, munchies, creative.

Daytime or Nighttime use recommended.


How to Grow White Walker Kush


To grow the White Walker, it’s a little above average in difficulty due to trying to find the proper nutrients levels.

It may take some time to dial it in.

Other than that it is very fast at veg stage and grows with crazy stretch these could be massive trees.

You could if you want to do some low-stress training or ponytail training to bush her out a bit more to boost the yield even higher.

Most growers can pull a pound easy, off a plant when grown right.

The plant can be grown outdoors, indoors and all grow mediums work great.

The flowering time for the White Walker Kush is short with eight to nine weeks.

Grow Points

  • YieldUp to 450-500 gr indoor / 500 gr outdoor

  • Height5 feet tall indoors, reaching 7 feet tall outside.

  • DifficultyMedium

  • Flowering time8-9 Weeks

  • Outdoor Harvest North hemisphereEnd of September early October

  • Outdoor Harvest South HemisphereEarly April

  • ClimateGood for mild, temperate areas.

  • Growing MediumSoil or Hydroponic with Scrog

  • EnvironmentIndoors or Outdoors


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