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                       Harlequin Cannabis Strain

Harlequin High CBD strain is a popular 
Sativa-dominant strain mean to give users a substantial relief of pain and inflammation without the high. It comes from a long line of high CBD strains that provide both strong medicinal relief and a low body buzz. For those seeking a barely perceptible, yet wholly satisfying cannabis experience, the Harlequin CBD strain is your soon-to-be favorite strain. This 75/25 sativa-dominant strain will give you a clear-headed high to relieve anxiety and pain.


 Origins of Harlequin Strain

Harlequin Type: Harlequin is a hybrid of the following strains:
Columbian Gold
Thai Sativa
Nepali Indica
Swiss Sativa
Harlequin is gentle giant of a hybrid. It has CBD levels of 10 t0 15%. Its genetics are mixed in precise amounts to produce a medical effect on users. This is one of the strains which may be used to fight epilepsy in adults due to its high CBD levels. Its THC levels, while not high, are sufficient enough to fight pain and produce a gentle buzz. This is the ultimate medical strain for adults suffering from various conditions.

What are the Properties of Harlequin harlequin weed?

Harlequin flower has the hints of flowery, earthy, and musky scents. Many report tasting notes of mango, cantaloupe, mint, and dried fruit. Some tests have tested up to 15% CBD in Harlequin strains and up to 5% THC. This unique ratio of CBD and THC enables you to have a clean and refreshing cannabis dose with all the uplifting effects.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Harlequin Marijuana Strain ?

Unlike other strains that contain high levels of THC, Harlequin contains a good ratio of CBD to THC to have a cerebral experience to treat anxiety and depression. For those suffering from chronic pain or inflammation, Harlequin gives you pain relief without feeling too sedated. This non-psychoactive strain enables THC and CBD to work synergistically to stop pain and anxiety dead in their tracks.


Who Benefits Most From harlequin weed?

Harlequin is a perfect strain for those who have never tried cannabis before. This low THC strain makes it easy to experience cannabis without feeling overwhelmed. Harlequin is also a great strain for those using it for medicinal purposes since it provides enormous neuropathic pain relief during day or night.

Certain recreational users may find this strain easier to consume at parties, especially if you suffer from anxiety disorders. Since you won’t be feeling the high levels of THC that other strains have, you can enjoy the relaxing effects of marijuana without being too inside your head.

Aromas, Flavors Harlequin has fragrances and aromas which have been described thusly:
Oak wood

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