What is Khalifa Kush?

wiz Khalifa weed is potent enough for mellow, lasting effects combined with a more focused head high. Khalifa Kush, or Wiz Khalifa OG, is a hybrid that was bred specifically for the rap artist Wiz Khalifa, who claims it descended from an OG strain. The ‘real’ Khalifa Kush is supposedly unavailable to the public, but those who have acquired strains under this name say that the effects and aromas are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use

Medicinal Marijuana Review Of kk marijuana strain

Khalifa Kush weed has high THC levels, up to 26%. Though this was created generally for recreational effects, it can have a strong effect on hard to tame pain levels. It is also a strong Indica, 80%, and will, therefore, cause more relaxation and couchlock. Those with conditions for which strong pain relief and strong relaxation are indicated may be able to use this strain therapeutically.

Effects of wiz Khalifa weed
The hit of Khalifa Kush is lemony and pungent. You can tell on the first taste that is has been carefully engineered. The harsh elements have been removed and you get a thick smoke that is extremely tasty and palatable.

Aromas, Flavors : Pine, lemon, lime, citrusy, earthiness

May Relieve: This strain is made mainly for the stress and fatigue that comes with celebrity and touring. Also, for recreation and deep relaxation.

kk strain has some light sedative effects, making it popular for patients seeking an ideal medical strain. This blend is known to be very effective in treating chronic stress disorders, gradually and gently soothing the patients and allowing them to naturally find their inner calm.

Info about growing Khalifa Kush is not easily available, but we do know that the plant is a phenotype of its parent strain OG Kush. This plant grown to be bushy and medium sized in nature, and is a perfect candidate for screen of green growing techniques.

Flowering Time  Of kk weed
kk weed grown indoors may produce a yield of about 17 ounces per square meter planted. This strain can be expected to take an average of about 9 weeks to flower and be ready for a generous harvest.


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