Blackberry Kush Strain



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Blackberry Kush Strain

Blackberry Kush is a stress and pain relieving strain with flowers that smell fruity, earthy and herbal like blackberry tea. The smoke is harsh and thick with a slight berry aftertaste. This strain will leave users feeling content in cerebral spaciness combined with the ultimate in body relaxation that promotes drowsiness and may make it difficult to focus on tasks. Blackberry Kush is also known to increase appetite.

Blackberry Kush makes an impression with dense buds covered with broad, dark green leaves with a dusty light purple coating. Some buds have dark purple calyxes, with an almost black color to match the name. The double-purple appearance underscores the berry theme – small buds appears as little purple berries. Blackberry Kush may not provide a massive dose of antioxidants like berries, but it manages to make up for that with high levels of THC and a high range of terpenes.

Like many indicas, the buds are dense and sweet smelling. The taste, however, is complex – with a sweet berry taste on the inhale, in juxtaposition to an earthy fuel element to the exhale. Like its namesake, a berry taste is present, less acidic than a blueberry strain but with a sweet and deep aroma. Beyond the berry taste lies a hashy and woody component, no doubt passed on from its Afghani indica parentage. According to analyses, the flavor comes from the prominently featured terpenes linalool, pinene, limonene, humulene, and caryophyllene. It is easy to see how the respectively floral, piney, acidic, herbal, and spicy aromas of these terpenes combine to create the complex, fresh, ‘berry’ flavor of Blackberry Kush.

Growing Information


YIELD: Moderate

GROWING TIPS: Blackberry Kush is a heavy feeder and requires regular maintenance. Keeping low nighttime temperatures in the final weeks of flowering will bring out the purple tones in this strain.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

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