Tropical ginger golden teachers shroom tea


Shroom tea is a preferred way to ingest magic mushrooms. With this method, you don’t actually ingest the mushroom material, which makes the come-up quicker and smoother, along with a lower chance of nausea.



tropical ginger golden teachers shroom tea

tropical ginger golden Teachers shroom tea from our friends at sage teas has your shroom tea needs covered. there are 2 options for dosing preference. each product contains 7 teabags, but you get to pick the dose! you can choose the 500 mg option, which is more of a microdose option, or the 1 gram option for a higher dose and a bit better value to the price. if you are looking for an even more potent experience or consuming with a bunch of friends, add more teabags into the mix!

about golden teachers

golden teachers has fast become the staple for microdosing in the world of magic mushrooms, known for its smooth come ups, low chance for nausea, and balanced, introspective effects. most microdose capsules on the market are made with golden teachers mushrooms, to the point that now it is seen as the standard strain for microdosing. if you are looking for a more potent experience, try out the penis envy shroom tea from sage teas!

directions (for 1 teabag)
  1. bring 1 + 1/2 cups of water to a boil, then reduce to medium heat
  2. add tea bag to water + cook for ten (10) minutes
  3. remove bag, pour tea, let cool and serve

to accelerate the effects, add fresh lemon. to help ease your stomach, add fresh ginger. if you desire to lessen the dose, add double the water and share equally with a friend.


tropical ginger: organic ginger, organic mango, organic dragonfruit, organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, psilocybe cubensis (magic mushrooms)