Tangie OG Cannabis Oil



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Tangie OG Cannabis Oil

Tangie OG is a Sativa strain that provides euphoric yet relaxing effects. This strain is a remake of sorts of the popular version of Tangerine Dream that was very popular in the 1990s. The genetics on this strain is a cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid, and its citrus heritage is the most evident in its refreshing tangerine aroma.

Tangie OG is great for daytime use due to it being a Sativa strain and as such it may keep you up at night if you consume it late in the day


Tangie OG Cannabis Oil is a great choice for patients suffering from: stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and nausea. The Tangie OG oil high is just as bright and vivid as its flavor. With energizing and lifted effects that are perfect for giving you a kick of energy in the early afternoon or later in the day.   You’ll feel an influx of creative energy almost as soon as you take tangie.


buy Tangie OG Cannabis Oil online

buy Tangie OG Cannabis Oil onlinebuy Tangie OG Cannabis Oil online


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