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What is Strawberry Kush?

Strawberry Kush is one well-rounded lady. Featuring a musky imitation strawberry taste, this strain lives up to its lineage. Typically found as a cross between the sweet Strawberry Cough and the pungent OG Kush, Strawberry Kush is strong but not overpowering. A potent indica for novice consumers, it’s a sleepy strain that produces a calming heavy body sensation.

Strawberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review

This strain typically blossoms in eight to nine weeks and is obtainable by cloning only. In its make-up, Strawberry Kush contains Sativa genetics and it is smoked more as a Sativa than an Indica. Upon lighting this weed, one instantly identifies citrus, pine and of course, strawberry. A clean flavor is provided by the fruity combination and the buzz of this weed mentally stimulates a person, leaving them alert and ready for action. Strawberry Kush is a good smoke for daytime use since it will not make you drowsy. From a medical perspective, it helps patients with stress and appetite loss.

Strawberry Kush weed is great for giving you the mood boost you need to deal with conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, dysthymia, and other mood disorders. The sweet taste of Strawberry Kush will induce a wave of peace and contentment that can help you recover from the most uncomfortable and negative moods.

Aromas, Flavors of strawberry kush strain

Strawberry, berry, sweet, menthol, earthy, pine, citrus, spice

Medical Uses Of strawberry kush

Nausea, chronic stress, chronic pain. Strawberry Kush is like a light and flavored OG Kush, strong yet gentle. It can be used by novice users for pain and discomfort from headaches to insomnia.

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HC Content – 23.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Strawberry Kush Highest Test
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Common Usage Of strawberry kush strain

Loss of Appetite

Effects Of strawberry kush


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