Golden Teacher Mushrooms


Golden Teacher Mushrooms is a classic strain named after its gold-capped appearance. These shrooms are an all-time favorite among the psychonaut community for their introspective, philosophical effects. Golden Teachers are a potent shroom breed with a gold-colored cap with a thin stem. Unlike other shroom varieties, these mushrooms can provide a more guided, educative experience rather than a pure “trip.”

Dosage Guide:

Mild Experience: 0.75 Grams to 1.25 Grams

Medium Experience: 1.75 Grams to 2.5 Grams

Full Experience: 3 Grams to 5 Grams


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Golden Teacher mushrooms are a species of psychedelic mushroom and part of the Psilocybe cubensis species. They are easily recognizable with their golden caps speckled with yellow and have a distinct appearance, with a long and winding, hollow stipe that is quite thicker towards the base.

. Here are some key features of Golden Teacher mushrooms:
Appearance: Golden Teacher mushrooms have a golden cap speckled with yellow and a long, winding, and hollow stipe that is thicker towards the base.

Potency: Golden Teacher mushrooms are known for their high potency, and they are said to boost creativity and a sense of self-awareness.

Health benefits: Research has shown that some psychedelic mushroom varieties, including Golden Teacher mushrooms, have anti-bacterial and contain antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ease of cultivation: Golden Teacher mushrooms are easy to grow due to their higher tolerance to a range of growing environments, and they grow fast.

Golden Teacher mushrooms offer a unique and potentially transformative experience for those who choose to explore their effects.

They are known to boost creativity and self-awareness, and research has shown that they have health benefits.
Golden Teacher mushrooms are easy to grow and have high potency, making them popular among psychedelic enthusiasts.

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