Bubblegum Marijuana Seeds (Fem)




What is Bubblegum Marijuana Seeds?

Bubblegum marijuana seeds are so popular due to the taste of bubble gum. At the end of its growing cycle, the THC looks like snow on its bud. Bubblegum is the part of the bud which delivers the high from smoking marijuana. This strain is good for any type of marijuana smoker. This is another type of medical cannabis seed. Marijuana seeds are for sale here. Get your bubble gum seeds for sale at the seeds depot!

These seeds has that light flavor that you get from the seeds. When smoked it really seems like you have bubble gum in your mouth. With so many types of cannabis seeds strain for you to buy it’s hard to choose the right one.


Name: Bubble Gum
Yield: 455(g)
Size: Very Tall
Grow Time: Average (55 – 65 days)
Weather: Warm
THC: High
Regular/Feminized: Feminized
Growing Area: Outdoor
Medically Used: No
Gene Type: Indica


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