Afghan Marijuana Seeds (Fem)




Afghan Marijuana Seeds (Fem)

Afghan is one of the very first marijuana seeds ever bred. You are looking at one of the oldest marijuana seeds in existence! There are plenty of facts listed here all about afghan seeds and how to purchase some for yourself. Buy some of the greatest afghan seeds ever sold.


  • Easy to grow
  • 100% Indica for great high
  • Suitable for medical use


This strain of cannabis is the epitome of pure goodness with its powerful sedative effects. Its high resin content makes it a “go-to” choice for the stressed out person looking to unwind. Users report feeling strong body highs, while growers boast that it’s a very easy strain to grow, even for beginners.

Name:Afghan Marijuana Seeds
Yield: 425 / 500(g)
Size: Small
Grow Time: Short (45 – 55 days)
Weather: Warm
THC: High
Regular/Feminized: Regular
Growing Area: Both
Medically Used: Yes
Gene Type: Indica


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