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Abusive OG (also called Abusive OG Kush) is an indica strain created by Devil’s Harvest Krew breeders sometime in the early 2000s. The cultivar is said to be bred from a rare cut of OG Kush. However, its genetic origins are mostly unknown.

Contrary to its name, consumers report that Abusive OG produces tranquil euphoria delivered with a fragrant, pine-smelling aroma. A true indica, this strain also creates feelings of relaxation, creativity, and munchies.

The abusive OG got its name from its original cultivator. It is a popular Californian variety of OG Kush and an Indica strain. This baby can place you in a complete state of placidity and Hush. Abusive OG will ease you into a peaceful state of mind that fades over time to full-body relaxation.

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