We go to great lengths to source marijuana concentrates ensuring that each of the brands concentrates meets our crazy high standards quality and crietaria, and we source varieties of cannabis concentrates for sale so customers can choose from

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Baked Ella Live Resin Diamonds


Baked Ella Live Resin Diamonds


Blue Dream Shatter


Blueberry Diesel Shatter

Bluefin Tuna Shatter


Bubble Gum Shatter


Cherry Kush Hash


Citrus Sunset Headstash Live Rosin


Death Bubba Shatter


Do Si Dos Shatter

Gak Pak Headstash Live Rosin


Gelato Shatter


Girl Scout Cookie Hybrid Crumble Wax


Gods Bud Shatter


Gorilla Glue Shatter

Green Crack Shatter