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Black Jack Shatter

Black Jack Shatter is a Hybrid strain that asserts an Indica dominance. The sedative presences in this potent slab help

Blue Dream Shatter

Blue Dream Shatter is a Sativa-dominant Concentrate that balances cerebral euphoria with full-body relief. Dab on this fragrant strain and enjoy the blissful blueberry flavors that burst through the quartz. The therapeutic effects offer swift physical relief and immediate migraine relief.

Blueberry Diesel Shatter

Premium Blueberry Diesel Shatter Fueled with a potent diesel flavor, this Sativa-dominant Hybrid offers up a high-energy euphoria that increases

Do Si Dos Shatter

Premium Do Si Dos Shatter is an Indica-dominant Hybrid that carries a floral funk when smoked. The pungent aroma offers

Gelato Shatter

Premium Gelato Shatter is a Hybrid strain with colorful notes of fruit. Dab on Gelato when you need a boost of energy. This THC powerhouse will launch you to the stars and back with epic euphoria. Even the smallest hit of this uplifting strain will stimulate a large appetite.

Gorilla Glue Shatter

Premium Gorilla Glue Shatter offers up amplified Hybrid relief, along with sweet pine flavors. This potent strain is known to

Green Crack Shatter

Green Crack Shatter Green Crack is great for when you want something with energy and focus as it provides an invigorating mental buzz that keeps