Beginner’s Guide To Cannabis Concentrates

Learn About the Different Cannabis Concentrates

What are cannabis concentrates?
Concentrates are processed cannabis products made by separating trichomes and resin from the flowers in order to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes without any of the unnecessary plant material.
Enjoying cannabis in the form of a concentrate allows consumers to receive a strong dose of cannabinoids without inhaling burnt plant matter. Concentrates continue to grow in popularity as more consumers look for an alternative to smoking marijuana.



With this type of concentrate extraction, CO2 is used as the cold solvent. Since CO2 is not purged from the oil, it usually comes in a liquid form. This product is considered to be cleaner than BHO or PHO extracted concentrate because CO2 is not combustible. This product is often more expensive than other forms of concentrate due to the expensive extraction process and limited market availability.

Types of concentrates
There are many different types of concentrates on the market. The types vary depending on the methods of extraction, the chemicals used for the extraction, and the part of the plant used.

The oldest and most well-known cannabis concentrate, hash spread from the northern parts of India, to the Arabian peninsula and Europe. Today, people in every corner of the world enjoy this form of cannabis. Essentially, the term hash refers to substances that are made by separating trichomes from the plant material and then forming the resin into a coherent mass.

Kief is the simplest form of cannabis concentrate. If you’ve been using cannabis for some time, you’re already familiar with it. Kief is that powdery material that collects at the bottom of your grinder. And when you roll a joint and notice the crystal coating that sticks to your fingers…yeah, that’s kief, too.

Moon rocks

One of the coolest ways to use your kief is to make moon rocks. Although they can be a bit expensive to buy, you can actually make them yourself at home.

Rosin, or weed wax, is a resin in solid form and is made by applying pressure and heat to buds. It’s usually made using an industrial press but you can easily make it at home with a hair straightener

Hash Oil
Hash oil is extracted by using alcohol to wash away the trichomes from the buds and then heating the liquid until all alcohol evaporates, leaving only the plant extract.


Dabs or shatter are probably the purest form of cannabis concentrates.

Shatter is made by using a solvent, most commonly butane, to extract the purest form of THC. The process is called butane hash oil or BHO extraction. This type of extraction is not safe for DIY projects; there have been serious injuries caused by people trying this at home. And the solvents need to be completely removed from the concentrates before consuming.

Cannabis concentrates like marijuana hash, CBD wax, and vaporizer pen cartridges offer a cleaner and easier way to medicate. These concentrated products provide the same pain relief, mental focus, and other health benefits of marijuana flowers.

and edible cannabis – but they offer it in a simpler and more convenient form. Green Door West provides cannabis concentrate delivery throughout Los Angeles and Orange County so that you can get your medicine, and start feeling better, easier and quicker than ever. 

Easy and Safe

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Vape Pen Cartridges

Choose from several varieties of vape pen cartridges for delivery to your residence or desired location. Green Door West offers vape pen cartridges from Tetralabs, a superior supplier of CBD concentrates, including Pineapple, Spearmint, Crème Brulee, and Classic vape pen cartridges. Vape pen cartridges provide instant relief without inhaling or burning plant material.

Bubble Hash and Rosin

We’re proud to carry Nativ Bubble Hash, an ice water-extracted hash from Nativ’s private reserve cannabis. The process of producing Nativ Bubble Hash includes ionizing ice and water to ensure a clean extraction process. The Nativ Rosin we sell reflects the genuine profile of the cannabis plant. It’s made by adhering to a propriety process that involves drying bubble hash with a hyper-cooling system to prevent oxidation. Whether you live in the Los Angeles Area, the South Bay, or Orange County, you can get cannabis concentrate delivery from Green Door West – a premier grower and supplier of fine medical marijuana products.

Cannabis Oil, Wax & Other Marijuana Concentrates

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